Oil and Energy, Land and Sky by Bob Callender

. Giclee on Canvas - Grande Edition
Dimensions: 30 x 60
Release Date: 10-2014
Code: BCA026GISNU3060
Edition Size: 250
Issue Price: $695.00

. Giclee on Canvas - Signed & Numbered
Dimensions: 20 x 40
Release Date: 10-2014
Code: BCA026GISNU2040
Edition Size: 350
Issue Price: $295.00

. Giclee on Paper - Signed & Numbered
Dimensions: 20 x 40
Release Date: 10-2014
Code: BCA026GPSNU2040
Edition Size: 350
Issue Price: $250.00

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Callender's photographic landscapes of the oil rigs and other icons that represent the industry are remarkable and striking images, full of color and drama. As the rig pierces the vast, stormy sky, the clouds offer up a fury of lightning bolts, slicing across the panorama. A combination of man, machinery, and the elements, in an amazing piece of art that captures the pulsating energy of the scene.

About The Artist

As a native of West Texas, Bob Callender was used to the daily sight of the various oilfield operations that fuel the Texas lifestyle. As the youngest child in a family of 10 children, Bob was also personally acquainted with the oilfield life watching his father and older brothers work hard to earn a living. From the time Bob was a young child he had a strong passion for photography. As his skills progressed, he was able to create surrealism in any subject matter he photographed. Being so closely associated with the West Texas oilfield scene, it was only natural that Bob would soon turn his creative eye to what was nearest and most familiar to him and turn it into an art form. Using high dynamic range photography and photographic manipulation Bob is able to capture the essence and beauty of the rigs and any associated equipment using explosive color and dynamic skies that are unlike anywhere else in the country.

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