Red Feathers by David Mann

. Giclee on Canvas - Grande Edition
Dimensions: 40 x 50
Release Date: 10-2009
Code: DMA008GISNU4050 - DMA008
Edition Size: 195
Issue Price: $950.00

. Giclee on Canvas - Artist Proof
Dimensions: 24 x 30
Release Date: 10-2009
Code: DMA008GIAPR2430 - DMA008
Edition Size: 15
Issue Price: $450.00

. Giclee on Canvas - Signed & Numbered
Dimensions: 24 x 30
Release Date: 10-2009
Code: DMA008GISNU2430 - DMA008
Edition Size: 195
Issue Price: $350.00

. Giclee on Paper - Artist Proof
Dimensions: 20 x 25
Release Date: 10-2009
Code: DMA008GPAPR2025 - DMA008
Edition Size: 95
Issue Price: $175.00

. Giclee on Paper - Signed & Numbered
Dimensions: 20 x 25
Release Date: 10-2009
Code: DMA008GPSNU2025 - DMA008
Edition Size: 950
Issue Price: $150.00

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Tell Me More

David Mann paints the Native Americans with an intimate knowledge of their culture.  Alone and working under a dim light, a Plains warrior prepares his headdress, which is more than an ornament, but has special meaning and significance.  The bonnet was earned through brave deeds or in battle, and the feathers stood for the deeds themselves.  The bonnet was also the mark of highest respect, because it could not be worn without the consent of the leaders of the tribe.  "Red Feathers" were sacred and indicated something about the warrior's accomplishments in war.

About The Artist

David Mann’s life focus has been his interest in the Native American culture, horses, and art. As a child, the artist collected any Remington and Russell prints he found along with books illustrated by Will James, Paul Brown, and Wesly Dennis.

Mann knows his subjects well from studying the history and culture of the Western Indian tribes. Born in Utah, the artist lived among the Southwestern tribes during a two-year mission in New Mexico and Arizona. During his time with the San Carlos Apache, Navajo, and Pueblo tribes, Mann absorbed layers of meaning that give depth to the human stories he tells. This unforgettable and invaluable time spent with the Indians allowed the artist to experience first-hand the stories, dignity, and culture magic of their lives. Mann’s paintings are alive in rich colors, remarkable illusion of day and moonlight, and energetic or quiet compositions.

The artist seeks to capture the personal moment of truth and has the benefit of working with Indian and mountain men who model for him. Mann looks deeply into his subjects, envisioning the joys and sorrows that have contributed to the strength of a culture. The artist’s paintings are known for careful attention to detail including clothing, saddles, jewelry, and the many other symbols and accoutrements that are part of his subjects’ cultures. The combination of heart and mind, and intellect and spirit is told in the dignified presence of the Native Americans featured in the historic settings in which the artist paints them. Mann’s images portray the spirits of the historic, as well as the contemporary west, usually depicting moments in time rather than historical events when deeply rooted traditions provided spiritual and physical sustenance for the Native Americans.

Mann’s original paintings are highly collected. The artist participates in several annual art exhibits around the country; he has been the subject of numerous magazine articles.

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