The Melodramatics of September by Kyle Sims

. Giclee on Canvas - Artist Proof
Dimensions: 24 x 48
Release Date: 9-2007
Code: KSI003GIAPR2448 - KSI003
Edition Size: 15
Issue Price: $895.00


. Giclee on Canvas - Signed & Numbered
Dimensions: 24 x 48
Release Date: 9-2007
Code: KSI003GISNU2448 - KSI003
Edition Size: 195
Issue Price: $795.00

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Tell Me More

"The drama of the elk in rut during the early parts of autumn will never bore me. Every year, we venture out to catch glimpses of it, which bring new ideas and excitement. In this painting, I enjoyed depicting the elk in a bit of a processional role, with the bull as the focal point and acting as if he is in command. Reallly, all that he does is to try to keep the herd together and round-up any strays to prevent losing them to another bull in hopes of spreading his genes to as many calves as possible. It's a stong instinct and all he can keep his mind on for that brief time out of the year, and I, as an artist, am thankful for this. I look forward to that outing all year long."                                                                                                      - Kyle Sims

About The Artist

As a native of the West, Kyle Sims’ love of the vast landscapes and the array of animals inhabiting them came naturally. Early exposure to wildlife has made Sims feel at home in the wild among the many creatures such as elk, bison, deer, pronghorn, bighorn sheep, and moose. Sims captures the essence of all that nature offers to him to tell a story through his canvases. The artist paints to visually relive the experiences he has had in the wild. Sims says, “…being in close contact with creatures other than human is very exciting and emotionally stimulating. I have to relay that onto canvas so as to share it with others. Some of the animals can be very aggressive and unpredictable. Other animals can be extremely social, much like humans, causing my curiosity to grow. That is why I paint what I paint.”

Sims is young, but he has an impressive portfolio of work that embodies the talent and experiences of a much more seasoned artist. His goal is to be the best painter he can be. Living in Montana and being surrounded by the many subjects he loves to paint, Sims travels and takes in all that the magnificent landscape offers. From spring wildflowers in the Grand Tetons to Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone to snow-covered vistas throughout Big Sky country, Sims observes, sketches, and photographs animals to later bring them to life on canvas. He takes advantage of every opportunity to also paint on location. Crediting their advice and studying their techniques, Sims has observed and worked with some of the most admired artists painting today. Sims has also learned to interpret wildlife through first-hand experience. The artist believes, “The more interaction there is going on in the field, the better the storytelling – and the painting.”

The talented Sims credits his parents and his wife, Joylene, and their encouragement and total support of his work for his success. His parents recognized his talent and encouraged him through art lessons, while also taking Sims to art galleries where he was able to view works by some of the best wildlife painters in the country. His wife, Joylene, is Sims’ biggest fan and very much admires and supports the artist’s dedication to his painting.

Sims is a Signature Member of the Society of Animal Artists; he also participates in several prestigious venues such as the annual Masters of the American West at the Autry National Center, the Prix de West at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, and at the National Museum of Wildlife Art’s Western Visions Show. Sims’ works hang in many private collections throughout America. He is exclusively represented by Trailside Galleries in Wyoming and Arizona.

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