Hosanna! by Tom duBois

. Giclee on Canvas - Signed & Numbered
Dimensions: 50 x 23
Release Date: 11-2002
Code: GITD016 - TD016
Edition Size: 95
Issue Price: $2,400.00

. Giclee on Canvas - Signed & Numbered
Dimensions: 40 x 18.5
Release Date: 3-2004
Code: GITD016GE
Edition Size: 500
Issue Price: $1,200.00


. Canvas - Artist Proof
Dimensions: 34 x 17
Release Date: 11-2002
Code: CATD016AP
Edition Size: 250
Issue Price: $450.00

. Canvas - Signed & Numbered
Dimensions: 34 x 17
Release Date: 11-2002
Code: CATD016
Edition Size: 2500
Issue Price: $350.00

. Print - Artist Proof
Dimensions: 34 x 17
Release Date: 11-2002
Code: SNTD016AP
Edition Size: 450
Issue Price: $195.00

. Print - Signed & Numbered
Dimensions: 34 x 17
Release Date: 11-2002
Code: SNTD016
Edition Size: 12,500
Issue Price: $165.00

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Tell Me More

Hosanna! by Tom duBois ~ HOSANNA! ..a narrative by its creator, Tom duBois While painting Hosanna!, I was totally unaware of any symbolism within it. After I finished, however, quite an incredible, visual documentary emerged! Reference after reference can be cited from Biblical text that relate directly to many vignettes in the image. I was aware that the image was bottom-heavy as I was painting, but I didn’t know how to solve the problem. The lower-half of the painting is full of activity and very rich, but the upper half does not have much going on. This ceased to concern me after I realized what the image was telling me. Our life with Christ is joyous, full, and complete! A life apart from Him becomes empty. (1 Corinthians 3:11)
And here’s an interesting comparison. The statue of Caesar displays a powerful image of idolatry. Like the “dead stones” on top of the painted pillars, the great Lord Caesar is nothing but a dead stone. This statue represents man’s way. The blooming bush overgrowing the statue bears the “living vine” that connects to the branch that bears the flower that will eventually bear fruit. (John 15:5) You can choose to follow Caesar becoming a dead stone or follow Christ and be saved. Look at Caesar, again. What is he pointing at? What falls through the emptiness? The falling flowers cut from the living vine that sustains them will soon fall to the ground and wither. These falling flowers represent all of our false gods…money, sex, drugs, alcohol and so on. When we ignore God and do things our way, the elation we think we feel is only the sensation of a freefall to the bottom. As we fall, we should hope to land in the hand drum the woman is holding out to catch us or on the shoulders of one of those following Christ - those called by God who will help us, like the Apostle is doing as he supports the old man. Their teachings will be the conduit of the Way, the Truth, and the Life!
Let’s not forget the “capstone,” which, literally, is the stone on top center of the arch that keeps the arch from collapsing. There is a sunburst design above the capstone on the arch. Where is this shape repeated? Some may think I put the hand drum behind the head of Jesus to create a halo. However, I initially did this to lead the viewer’s eyes toward Him. Little did I know I was directing the viewer to the “capstone” Peter is talking about! And here is the most amazing story in Hosanna! What is the Bible about? Simply, it’s a love story. God created Heaven and Earth, and He wanted to have a family that belonged to Him. So, He made man to live with Him in communion in Eden, but man said no. The rest of Scripture tells what God did to regain his family. There is one all-powerful story in scripture - God wants to have a family and He can’t stand not to have one. After Adam and Eve turned away, God came to Noah saying, “Build a boat!” He came to Abraham saying, “Gather my people here!” and to Moses saying, “Get my people out !” God constantly makes and keeps promises that His righteous followers administer, but the people God chooses to be His family keep rejecting Him and breaking those promises. What is God’s final effort? The Incarnation of Jesus Christ!
In Hosanna!, Jesus comes into the city, which represents the world, from the garden in the distance, which represents Heaven. We now have God coming down to be amongst us again – dwelling with us. The “king who comes to you, gentle and riding on a donkey” (Zachariah 9:9) fulfilling the Old Testament prophesy that is in the scrolls Nicodemus held. The Law, the Sadducees and Pharisees on the left, shows us our sins in the form of the three women standing before them. The one in a red cloak represents the sins covered by the blood of the animal sacrifices made in the Temple. The center character holds a vase containing all the broken rules. The last woman holds a basket of red grapes (sins committed) and green grapes (sins yet to be committed) all of which are subject to God’s wrath. No matter how much those living on the side of the Law may flute their praises of God, as illustrated by the flute players; no matter what works of righteousness are done in God’s name, we are still “held prisoners” by the Law, as illustrated by prison bars on the wall.
Hosanna! tells us that we can be like the dead stones displayed throughout the image or we can choose to do something infinitely better…CLING TO CHRIST! Because of His ultimate sacrifice, we walk in assurance with Him as passive as little children in a wedding procession stepping ahead. (2 Corinthians 5:7) Through His gift, we repent, laying our sins aside as He lays down the carpet of His love, His mercy, and His forgiveness. And because of Him, we are now brothers and sisters, CLOTHED IN CHRIST, coming before the Father whose Holy Spirit flies high and rejoices, because He finally has His family back! “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.” Soli Deo Gloria!

About The Artist

Tom duBois’ outlook on life is eternally young. He has the gift of seeing through a child’s eyes – transforming the realistic into the magical. He is fond of a quote by Picasso, "Every child is an artist…the problem is remaining a child once you grow up.”

The artist’s unassuming and humble personality, combined with his outstanding talents, result in highly imaginative works of art unique to his creative genius. Always a delightful artist and guest at gallery shows, duBois has amazed and entertained his collectors with not only his artistic abilities, but also his acoustic guitar and songs.

duBois loves to travel for research on the animals and people featured in his paintings as well as for period clothing. The artist has been known to stop people on the street if they fit his idea for a person he plans to include in an image. And, with his winning smile and honest persona, he is rarely turned down by one of his potential "models.” With meticulous research and attention to detail, duBois creates rich, intricate works that astound the viewer.

Over a short period of years, duBois was catapulted to the pinnacle of the limited edition art world. His most famous images are from his Noah’s Ark Series, the Disney Discovery Collection, the phenomenal Hosanna, and other religious works of art. With sell-out editions on each release, duBois has established himself as an artist who captures the whole story in his paintings.

In the Noah’s Ark images, the artist created fantastic, colorful scenes depicting the construction of the Ark, the Ark as it sailed the endless water covering the earth, the gathering of the animals for their journey on the Ark, and the celebration of the waters receding as Noah and his family returned to land. duBois’ "Hosanna,” depicting Christ being led into the City of Jerusalem through the throngs of people who worshipped Him as He bestowed His love on them, is a masterpiece of creativity that has been compared to some of the world’s most admired religious works.

For the Disney Discovery Collection, duBois created amazing images featuring five of the Disney characters…Snow White, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio, and Cinderella…images that astounded the art world. Hidden within the images were characters and items from each story…to view one of these works is truly incredible.

duBois is a unique talent whose imagination knows no bounds.

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