Of One Spirit by G. Harvey

. Canvas - Signed & Numbered
Dimensions: 12 x 16
Release Date: 9-2002
Code: CAGH46 - GH046
Edition Size: 1,362
Issue Price: $275.00

. Print - Signed & Numbered
Dimensions: 18 x 27
Release Date: 4-1989
Code: SNGH49 - GH049
Edition Size: 2,471
Issue Price: $75.00

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Tell Me More

G. Harvey painted "Of One Spirit" in 1988 to commemorate the lives of four board members of Focus on the Family who perished in a plane crash in 1987. The paper print was made available in 1989 and a limited edition canvas was made available in 2002 to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Focus on the Family.

About The Artist


Since 1984, G. Harvey has provided Somerset House Publishing with the privilege of publishing fine art paper and canvas limited editions of his original paintings.

G. Harvey is among the elite artists of our time; his images have enriched the lives of thousands of collectors and admirers as well as enhancing their homes and offices.

Beginning in 2016, G. Harvey has chosen to curtail the release of further print editions. While he will continue to devote his time to the creative process of his studio, Somerset House will no longer publish and offer new images.

We celebrate our long and successful relationship with this fine gentleman and his art. We also thank the many G. Harvey retailers and collectors.

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