Searching for the King by Michael Dudash

. Giclee on Canvas - Artist Proof
Dimensions: 24 X 36
Release Date: 9-2007
Code: MDU004GIAPR2436 - MDU004
Edition Size: 15
Issue Price: $650.00

. Giclee on Canvas - Signed & Numbered
Dimensions: 24 X 36
Release Date: 9-2007
Code: MDU004GISNU2436 - MDU004
Edition Size: 195
Issue Price: $550.00


. Canvas - Artist Proof
Dimensions: 20 X 30
Release Date: 10-2007
Code: MDU004CAAPR2030 - MDU004
Edition Size: 35
Issue Price: $450.00

. Canvas - Signed & Numbered
Dimensions: 20 X 30
Release Date: 10-2007
Code: MDU004CASNU2030 - MDU004
Edition Size: 350
Issue Price: $350.00

. Print - Artist Proof
Dimensions: 20 X 30
Release Date: 9-2007
Code: MDU004PRAPR2030 - MDU004
Edition Size: 50
Issue Price: $200.00

. Print - Signed & Numbered
Dimensions: 20 x 30
Release Date: 9-2007
Code: MDU004PRSNU2030 - MDU004
Edition Size: 500
Issue Price: $150.00

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Matthew 2:2  "Where is the newborn king of the Jews? We have seen his star as it arose, and we have come to worship him."

Artist Michael Dudash offers up a lovely gift - a pair of beautiful, colorful pieces to grace homes and churches during the Christmas season.  "Searching for the King" and "Birth of the King"were painted to hang together and tell, in exquisite artistic style, the story of the first Christmas. DF

About The Artist

Michael Dudash is recognized nationally for his paintings of dramatic realism bathed in a mixture of light and shadows, creating a romantic atmosphere.

Although a very successful illustrator for many years, in 2002, Dudash began to focus on creating and selling his oil paintings, along with doing commissioned portraiture. Since that time, the artist has had several one-man shows and participated in several group shows in 2004 and 2005.

Dudash has produced over 1,300 illustrations for books, magazines, art publishers, advertising agencies, design firms, film companies, and corporations. Throughout these years of his career, he won numerous awards and is listed in the Illustration House’s "Illustrators in America.” Among Dudash’s many clients have been The Reader’s Digest, The US Postal Service, Time/Life, and Universal Pictures. His original paintings hang in many prominent private and corporate collections.

As an accomplished artist, he has written and published articles for several art industry publications, conducted oil painting and illustration workshops, and has been a guest lecturer at several colleges, universities, and industry organizations.

Dudash, a native of Mankato, Minnesota, was an art major at Macalester College in St. Paul and also at Minneapolis College of Art and Design in Minneapolis. Today, the artist enjoys life with his wife and three children in a small town in Pennsylvania where he paints in his home studio.

The artist’s original works are represented in prestigious galleries in America and also internationally.

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